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Life with a Toddler

Parenting is baffling. In my opinion, parenting is the most demanding job there is. I am a single mother, I have a toddler; who decides to run instead of walk, she ‘talks’ gibberish with an occasional word like ‘cookie‘ ‘boppie‘(sippie-cup) ‘shoes‘ ‘mama‘ ‘no‘. This cuties name is Nevaeh Grace. 

Being a parent is the best job in the world, and life with a toddler is quite the adventure!

There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child you are super mom! 

Cleaning the house with a toddler is like cleaning your yard up during a tornado. Impossible! Anytime I clean Nevaeh decides she would be extremely helpful. So she follows me like a little duckling and shadows everything I do. It is adorable! Nevaeh loves to ‘help’ me sweep the floors. And when it is laundry day as I am folding all of her clothes, Nevaeh unfolds the clothes and shoves all of them into one drawer. Afterwards, she looks up at me and smiles, clapping her hands saying “yay”, so I clap along to let her know how proud I am of her accomplishments, even if it means more work for mama. Priceless! Nevaeh makes sure I do things the correct way! 😉 Everything I do Nevaeh is watching and learning. As parents we are our children’s greatest role-models. Every moment with a toddler is eventful, but oh-so priceless. Nap time is a different story. When kids decide to fight their sleep during nap time, and you know that it is much needed: You experience the ‘wrath of a toddler‘ all day long. These napless days feel like the longest days ever. Keep your head up, buttercup! Every day should be cherished, even the grumpy days. A great solution that works for my daughter is when they fight their sleep make a pallet in the living room floor and cuddle up with them while watching a movie. Frozen is Nevaeh’s first choice, it is her favorite! Nevaeh will sit through the entire movie! Spending time with our children is important and cherished by your kids. They need that special mommy and me time and so do you, even if you don’t realize it. When toddlers are sick it is woeful. Poor babies want to play but feel so miserable that they can’t enjoy anything. This may be a cause of their grumpiness. Snotty nose, horrid cough, high fevers… It’s all very hard on the kid, but extremely difficult for us parents. You lose sleep, because you want to make sure their temperature is down every four hours with a dose of Tylenol. Wiping their nose every 5 seconds. Giving them a hug. Making sure you are not a minute late to the doctor appointmets. This is when Mommy needs coffee! Your toddler looks up to you and they know that when they are sick, you are there for them. That is the best feeling in the world knowing Nevaeh feels safe, wanted, and loved because of how well she is taking care of. Nights when we are both awake at 1:00 a.m, because Sleep is impossible for Nevaeh due to a cough or stopped up nose; means lack of sleep for the both of us, but it is priceless time spent together, cuddling and watch Disney Junior in bed until she finally falls asleep. 

Toddlers are sneaky! They are like little ninjas; sneaking their way around to the cookie jar, or to the lamp they are not supposed to touch, or climbing on top of chairs after having been told not to multiple times a day. It’s Christmas time and we have loads of gifts under the tree. Well, Nevaeh is a little bit too curious about those presents. Luckily Nevaeh has not opened any of the presents, yet! If she realized the meaning of the word ‘present‘ I think they would all be unwrapped by now. Nevaeh will be 2 years old in March. I will be starting the potty training with her pretty soon, and introducing her to the forbidden time-out method. Wish me luck! The time-out method is going to be a challenge with Nevaeh’s sassy attitude. Toddlers are very intelligent little creatures, they know when they should not do particular things because they would get hurt, but they do like to test you. This is why us as parents have to teach our kids right from wrong. And sometimes you have to use a method like time-out. This works for some toddlers, but not all. I’m curious to see how my toddler reacts to time-out. It is the way a parent loves. To teach our kids right from wrong, and be there for them when they are hurt or sick.

Nevaeh refuses to sleep in her own bed at night time. Instead she sleeps in my bed. My favorite part of the day is our prayer before bedtime. Nevaeh folds her hands together and closes her eyes and says “dear God” and at the end of the prayer after I say “amen”, she claps and she gives me a huge smile! After prayer time, Nevaeh finally falls asleep after talking some gibberish. She loves to take over as much space as possible. My pillow is stolen, and I have an inch of bed left before falling off. Nevaeh is a bed hog, but I don’t mind at all as long as she is safe, warm, and gets plenty of sleep. Thats what parents do! We do everything possible to keep them happy, safe, and warm at night. This is a love of a parent. 

The best things about being a mommy are: Eskimo kisses, tickle fights, dance parties, singing as loud as you can together, laughing together, sweet hugs, sweet little kisses at bedtime, bedtime stories, prayer time, baking cookies together, watching movies together, helping them learn as they play and grow, watching your toddler grow into the person God created them to be. 

The days are long, but the years are short. 

Overall, I love my job as a mommy! Nevaeh and I are like, Lorelai and Rory from the Gilmore Girls. We are like two peas in a pod! I cherish each day with Nevaeh. She is a blessing from above sent to heal my broken heart and be my little person to love, and I get the chance to teach her about Jesus. And show her the way God wants her to go in life. I love Nevaeh Grace; my daughter, and bestfriend. All of these mommy moments are treasured by your little love bug. Mama bear is always there for them, and they know that. They know nothing but love and being a mom lets you show them love. Nothing is simply easy when it comes to parenting, but it is the greatest adventure of a lifetime! Some days are a struggle, but everyday is a blessing.

Thanks for reading! 

•Meg• 💖

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