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A Letter to My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Find God, find yourself, then come find me. 

This feels some-what odd writing a letter to a man I have yet to meet. I dont know anything about you yet but I will some day.

When I was a kid I can remember imagining what my future ‘person’ looked like, what personality you would have. I started to pray for you at a young age, I was about thirteen years old. Sometimes I sit and wonder aimlessly about you. Curiousity took over me when I imagined what you were up to that very moment. I admire the moon, When I gaze up at the moon I close my eyes and pray for you and think to myself “I wonder if my future husband is looking at the moon thinking of me too” may seem extremely corny and remind you of some romantic drama, and it probably is very ordinary but this is what I do. The moon is possibly the only connection we have, for now. I adore penguins! The way they waddle around, and take care of one another. These tuxedoed little creatures are inspiring. Once they find their mate they stay with that one penguin for the rest of their lives. Amazing. This is what love is, and I have yet to meet my “penguin”.

At the moment I am a single mother. I chose to leave a narcissistically abused marriage. Gods plan, and God has a purpose that will prevail. My daughter and I live a life filled with love and happiness, with my family by my side. I am focused on building a life for my daughter and I. Currently I am working full time and will be starting college classes soon along with working my full time job, so I have little time to think of marriage at this moment. I am being completely honest: I am not searching for you, nor will I ever go out looking for you. Simply because I give it all to God. God is in control. He is forever faithful! I’m just taking life day by day the way God is leading me. I have faith that we will meet one day but all in God’s timing. When the day does come it will mean I have stepped out of my single mom life and slowly, but surely, removing any pains of the past that cause me to become prejudice against men. Stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing you to take me as I am. Living completely on faith and trust built over a possible long length of time. Alot of work is to be expected, but love will overcome. 

My heart knows you will be humble and gentle. Your work will be well earned and rewarded. Your hands will be gentle and have a soft touch. You will be humble about your life. Our lives together will make a home full of love and happiness. I fear nothing of the future, I only look forward to it all. God has perfect timing, never too early and never too late. God is just working on the both of us, getting us ready for our meeting. Until then, embrace each day because it is preparing us and shaping us into who God has created us to be. I have yet to lay eyes on you, but I am patiently waiting for this day. Until God decides it is time for us to meet, I will continue praying for you daily. I imagine what you are like, and what you look like. I think of the travels you experience with adventures awaiting you, maybe in some isolated foreign country. Or living in a beautiful city where you do your studies. Maybe you are simply right around the corner or in the same town this very moment. We may have unknowingly passed each other in the grocery department of Wal-Mart. It is a mystery. I hope you find peace in your mind, heart and spirit through any trials you are enduring at the moment. Let patience take over through any season of waiting you may be in. As the storms of this life hit you hard, let your faith grow stronger. Always keep God first in your life, and keep faith. Drive safely on your travels, where ever you go in this world. During each encounter you stumble upon everyday, be humble and love! I have prayed for you daily, I am full of hope for you that no matter what life throws out at you, God protects, heals, and comforst you! If you are lost in this moment in your life, I pray you find God. Then find the person you are made to be or already are in Christ. So I am prepared to know that you will love me for me and cherish every moment, even when I have a goofy ‘blonde’ moment it will give you joy and laughter. We will dance in the kitchen, and if there is no music playing, we will sing. I know that you will embrace me, and who I am. Date nights will be cherished, and will feel like the first. The butterflies in our stomachs will never fade away after every kiss we have in the future to come. I will know you truly love me by how much you will truly love my daughter, as if she was your own. You will experience daddy and me moments and father and daughter dances, and feel as if she is your own blood. She will ask you to sit for some tea in her princess room, and you will join her with no hesitation. Wearing a crown and letting her ‘fix’ your hair with smiles and giggles. Joy will be filled in the air. I don’t know what you will be forced into playing with her but I know you will love every second of it. She will embrace you and call you daddy. My daughter has her Heavenly Father, God. When the time comes, she will have an earthly father, thats you. 

Be prepared for outbursts of tears during a romantic, or a touching movie. I have a weakness for puppies and kittens, lucky for you if you are not a cat person I am allergic to cats. But, if I see a cute kitten I can’t live without, it can be an outdoor cat. A win-win! 😉 Coffee is number one priority for me in the mornings, so I hope you enjoy freshly brewed coffee and coffee breath to follow. I am considered a nerd and absolutley love Harry Potter and books. Sunflowers make me happy, and purple is my favorite color. So my dream wedding includes purple and sunflowers. Also an occasional Harry Potter inspired decoration here and there. Be prepared! I am a unique woman whom God has created for you. Our love story will be beautiful. A love story having God as the author, way better than any Nicholas Sparks books I am sure of it!!!

Have patience, stay humble and kind. I wonder if you pray for me as I pray for you. Only God knows, and He knows your heart. It will be an impeccable life together. Until then, take care and I look forward to finally meeting you. I will continue praying for you, the one whom my heart belongs to. 

Love, Megan (Your future wife)


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