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I adore penguins! Cute and perfectly rounded creatures. 

Penguins are such incredible creatures. These tuxedoed birds waddling around aimlessly. Such unique creatures living in the freezing Arctic. These amazing and oh-so cute birds are inspiring in the way they live. Sounds crazy-a bird being an inspiration to humans. It is true! Penguins work so hard to make sure their families are well fed and taking care of. This is what you call love. 

Symbol of love; a rock 

Penguins symbol of love is a simple stone. Yes, just a rock. This specific rock is not just any stone. Male penguins will search the entire beach to find the perfect one. Once they find that perfect stone they present it to a penguin they choose to be their mate and if the lucky penguin was to accept, they set the stone in their nest. And now you hear wedding bells

Now a days for us humans we find it difficult to stay together. Let it be a family member, a friend, or a significant other. Love should always prevail! But we sometimes forget the true meaning of love. Penguins are with their family forever. Their love is shown starting with a simple rock. Through the harshest winters at more than 50 degress below zero, the parents perch their eggs on their feet 24/7 so they don’t freeze. Now thats love. Their love is steady and strong. Risking lives to save an unborn child. Picture perfect example of love. Penguins have a love for one another that is extraordinary. How they show their love using a rock and staying with one partner for a lifetime, working hard to get a fish to feed their families, and even risking their own lives during below freezing storms to save a little egg. 

Imagine what this world would come to if we all loved the way we were supposed to.

Thanks for reading!


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